Our company has launched the production of a line of dairy products from A2 milk!

26 ноября 2021 г.

Our A2 milk is 100% natural low-allergenic milk obtained from cows with the A2 genotype. For this we have our own livestock, all cows undergo special research, as well as each batch of selected milk – before entering production, it undergoes thorough laboratory control.

Milk from these cows naturally does not contain A1 protein. It was from this milk that we began the production of a line of dairy products from A2 milk:

Drinking milk “A2”


Pasteurized drinking milk “A2” does not differ in taste from ordinary milk, the main advantage is its useful composition.


Kefir “A2”


Kefir “A2” is a fermented drink obtained from cow’s milk by fermentation with the use of special kefir fungi.

To maintain health, a person needs different types of lactic acid bacteria. Therefore, the more diverse the bacterial composition of a fermented milk product, the more useful it is.

Thermostatic sour cream “A2”


Thermostatic sour cream “A2” is a cream into which sourdough is added to start the fermentation process. Our A2 sour cream is fermented in a thermostatic way right in the jar.

Why in a thermostatic way? Because this method of production allows you to preserve the maximum useful properties, to get the most natural taste.

Sugar-free bioyogurt


Sugar-free bioyogurt is a popular fermented milk product, especially among health-conscious people.

Consumers nowadays attach great importance to controlling the amount of sugar entering the body. That is why we have created sugar-free bioyogurt from the unique A2 milk.

The entire line of dairy products is presented in glass packaging.